Greetings! I am Steve McKim, the creator and webmaster of the Octagon Masonic Website.  The main purpose I had in mind when creating it, was to create a site which informs the non-Mason of the Masonic Fraternity which I have proudly been a member of for over 25 years, to keep the membership of Octagon and other Lodges up to date with what is happening at our Lodge and lastly, but by no means less important… to have a little fun for you and I. If you can’t have a little fun, then why would you want to bother belonging to any organization? 

I presently am an Assembly Technician for a diesel engine manufacturer here in Lafayette. I have been married to the same beautiful red head for over thirty years now, have three grown children and three of the most lovely grand daughters that a man could be blessed with.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ve recently changed Internet Providers so please be patient with me as I slowly get things updated and improved I hope. My new email address is:    If you have any ideas for new graphics, please let me know. Bye for now and May the Grand Architect’s Smile light the path of you and yours.

Thanks for dropping by, Steve McKim


Additional graphics pages have been added by two good Brothers of mine. You can find them at:

Helena Lodge No. 3 in Montana and Lodge St. Andrew No. 518 in Scotland……. My humble thanks to both Brothers Blake Gardiner and Duncan Russell for their continued support.


Brotherly Fellowship…….. and life are good…..


Special Note: I’ve just returned from a trip to Scotland and Ireland where my wife and I were granted the pleasure to meet Brother Duncan Russell and his lovely lady. The visit and a presentation, (forever to be cherished by yours truly) made by Brother Russell were the highlight of my excursion. Brethren, if you want to see Freemasonry at work……. Travel to Scotland…… It’s alive and well…… you will be warmly welcomed.


Added note: God willing and the creek don’t rise………. I will be returning to Scotland in mid 2007…… can’t wait!


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