Octagon Masonic Lodge No. 511

Officers for the Year

2008 A.D. 6008 A.L.


Worshipful Master – Dan Bard , PM

Senior Warden – Wilbur Smith, PM Email

Junior Warden – John Wolf, PM

Treasurer – Albert Cooley, PM

Secretary- Steve McKim,PM Email

Senior Deacon – Mike Sterrett

Junior Deacon – Alan Steele

Senior Steward – Brian Harms, PM Email

Junior Steward – Joe Korschot, PM Email

Tyler – Cal Cree ,PM

Chaplain – Dick Smith, PM


Since Octagon no longer owns property, Grand Lodge does not require us to have Trustees and therefore at the December 13th, 2007 it was decided by all present to no longer have Trustees.

Committee Lists:

Finance Committee:

John Wolf, PM

Mike Sterrett

Alan Steele


Masonic Home:

D.Albert Cooley, PM

Dan Bard, PM



Master and Wardens


Sickness and Distress:

Wilbur Smith, PM

D. Albert Cooley, PM

Stephen A. McKim, PM


Stephen A. McKim, PM

Alan Steele

Mike Sterrett




These are our home phones, I will not post our cell phone numbers. I have included them as a courtesy. They are intended for those who have a need or question concerning Octagon Lodge No. 511 or question about the Freemasonry organization at the local level.

Please do not abuse the use of our phones. All three listed numbers are registerd on the National "Do Not Call" list. Any abuse will result in them being removed and the abuser being reported to the proper person or authorities. As we all have Caller ID, if you don't list an incoming number and name...... don't expect an answer...... "what is good for the goose is good for the gander."

I apologize for having to make this statement, but there are too many telemarketers and people out for their own personal benefit taking up our time...... if we desire to purchase something..... we will initiate and make that decision on our own as a Lodge...... Thank you.

Stephen A. McKim, PM - Sec'y


Wilbur Smith, PM


Phone: 1-765-564-3022


D. Albert Cooley , PM

Phone: 1-765-564-9081


Webmaster & Secretary:  Stephen A. McKim, PM


Phone: 1-765-742-2907

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